The experienced design team at NHSQ delivers a free home design service to help people develop their own ideal and unique home layout … to ensure that all of their lifestyle wants and needs are achieved … along with the all important comfort and energy efficient elements we simply must consider when designing a new home to suit the various aspect considerations of the particular home site.

One real strength in this design process is that we as a builder can apply best building practice and building efficiencies while designing … helping us to stay in line with budgets and hence avoiding that all too common outcome of designing a home you can’t afford.

Designing a unique custom home from scratch also avoids the sausage factory process … where you will instead have an individual looking home … and not one that also appears across the road or down the same street.

In addition to a flexible design service … New Home Solutions also develop a new home specification with inclusions based on your individual needs … again not the typical bare bones inclusions used in everyday marketing with a production line style of building.

This flexible process to developing what you want in your new home price … is then a fixed price for your piece of mind … the only way it will change is if you change it … by changing your mind on something. Put simply … you must know your full price up front … and that’s what we achieve by fine tuning your specification prior to signing anything.

We also offer a brainstorming design process to help people do their due diligence on land they are considering to purchase … to ensure they can indeed achieve the ideal home on that particular block of land being considered … and before they commit to buying it. Additionally we’ve selected land options in various estates across Townsville … which offer the ideal aspect to design homes for.

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