Our well established building family tree is growing nicely thanks to the nourishment & strength of our team & all our building family/friends

With New Home Solutions Qld our constant focus is on our building partners journey being the smoothest & most pleasant building experience ever! This allows and strenghtens our ‘building family tree’ to branch out to new levels of quality customer service.

Part of the building journey with us entails the Slab Wetting ceremony. This is an important ritual where the slab is wet down with a drop of a celebratory drink of your choice!

CLICK HERE – to watch more on our NHS Slab Wetting Ceremonies!

Another one of our favourite pastimes is the pleasure we receive in handing over homes to our appreciative clients. This is celebrated with an individual gift basket and personal walk through with the owner of the company, yourselves, as well as the excited design team.

CLICK HERE – to watch more on our NHS Hand Overs!!


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