Greater Ascot

“A new town, a new vision”


NHS Home & Land Packages:


Lot 331 Geffers Lane + Villa 147

Lot 366 Friary Street + Grenada 182



Imagine a place that takes the best characteristics from your traditional neighbourhood and fuses them with modern living options.

Here you’ll be able to walk home from work, pop down to the local cafe or meet friends at the park, all within minutes. Our streets are designed to be used for more than just traffic, a place where neighbours can meet.

Featuring a range of open spaces and kilometres of open walking and bike trails, sporting facilities, social parks and off

leash dog areas, Greater Ascot makes an active healthy lifestyle easy to achieve.

At the heart of it all, you’ll find the unique town centre – here you can catch up over coffee, do your shopping, check your e-mails (it’s a WiFi hotspot), catch up with friends, see a concert – the list is endless but most importantly it’s up to you how you make the most of Greater Ascot’s heart and its truly individual spaces.

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